Christopher Salazar Biography

Christopher was born and raised in the vibrant city of MIami, Fl. As difficult as it was, he suffered through the eternal sunshine and cool ocean breezes. Christopher’s first love was sports and from an early age he was playing baseball, tennis, & volleyball competitively and numerous other sports with similar enthusiasm, albeit far less capability. A busy practice schedule coupled with a good deal of other extra-curricular activities, kept Chris busy. But as fate would have it, he ended up in an elective acting class near the end of High school. Remarkably, the stage offered the same shot of adrenaline he found in athletics. The camaraderie, the passion, the potential to fail or fly all were there. And so, the trajectory of Mr. Salazar’s life was changed.

As an undergraduate acting student, Christopher was trained by the amazing faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill: Ray Dooley, David Hammond, Bonnie Raphael, Jeffrey Blair Cornell, Julie Fishell, and Craig Turner, to name a few. In addition, to the rigorous curriculum, there was also in-depth exposure to the Playmakers Repertory Theatre’s acting company and staff. Over the four years at school, Chris performed in over 20 productions, in addition to working professionally in summer stock. He also curbed his appetite for sports by taking up competitive fencing.

Degree in hand, Christopher hit the ground running, traveling around the U.S. performing regionally with such theaters as the American Shakespeare Center, The Barter Theatre, The Barnstormers Theatre, and the Carolina Shakespeare Festival.
He also spent time acting with numerous companies in Philadelphia and touring the country performing in over 30 states.

A few years back, Chris arrived in New York armed with his Equity card, a good deal of experience, and a ton of optimism and drive. Almost immediately, he was working on noteworthy Off-Broadway productions. Last year saw Mr. Salazar splitting time between New York and Los Angeles with stage and film work.

Now, in pursuit of becoming an even more versatile actor (through intense training), Chris has joined the 25th graduate acting class at the Old Globe Theatre, under the tutelage of Rick Seer, Jan Gist, and Ray Chambers. In the fall of 2013, Christopher will be re-released into the wild armed with some of the best classical acting training in the world.

Chris has also joined with the repertory acting companies at the Old Globe’s Shakespeare Festival in 2012 & 2013.